Speirs Wharf Proprietors Association Committee (SWPAC) is an elected group of members who volunteer their time to help maintain communal areas and buildings insurance as set out within the boundaries of the titles deeds.

SWPAC do not have the same powers as social landlords or local authorities so there are some things we can’t do, for example, getting involved in disputes between neighbours.

Common Duties of SWPAC include:

·         Organising common insurance for the building.

·         Arranging day-to-day maintenance such as cleaners and gardeners.

·         Organising proprietors meetings about the running of Speirs Wharf.

·         Managing the Leisure Centre, Gym, CCTV, fire alarm and recycling.

·         Inspecting the building and grounds to get any necessary maintenance work carried out.

·         Arranging for repairs to be carried out, including getting quotes and hiring contractors.

·         Taking charge of proprietors joint maintenance bank account.

·         Pursuing payments from proprietors for works carried out in jointly owned areas.