I need to paint my windows and balcony door. What colour of paint do I need to use?

Speirs Wharf is a listed building and all of the windows and doors must be refurbished / replaced with like for like.  If the wrong materials and colours are used the Council and Historic Scotland have the right to demand that it is put right at the owner’s expense.

  • Colour used is Dulux Weathershield a quick drying product.

  • Base Coat - Weathershield External Dark Grey Undercoat.

  • Top Coat - Weathershield Mid Sheen Satin ' Midnight' 20C40.

Balconies which have been recently refurbished have used Red and Black Hammerite (there is only one version of each colour)

How do I arrange for uplift / removal of large items? Can these just be left in the bin store?

Large items can not be left in the bin store. You must either call the Glasgow City Council or arrange your own private uplift. This is free! Any large items left in the bin store that can not be taken away by the regular weekly rubbish collection service will be returned to your apartment. 

To whom should I go if there is a problem in the block that needs fixing?

In the first instance you should go to your block rep who will arrange for a carpenter to come to fix or replace it. If you do not have a block rep you can e mail the committee and we will put it on our list of things to fix. 

What time does the leisure centre open and close?

The leisure centre currently opens at 6am and closes again at 10pm. 

should the weights in the leisure centre be tidied away after use? 

Yes. Leave them as you would wish to find them. Do not assume that everyone is as strong as you and can lift heavy weights off the bars.

How do I obtain a new fob?

E mail the committee who will arrange for one to be programmed. Each apartment is entitled only to two fobs that can access the leisure centre. 

Which day for which rubbish collection?

Regular rubbish is collected on Wednesday and food waste is collected on Mondays. Blue recyclable rubbish is collected every second Friday.

What should residents do if/when the block fire alarm goes off?

Residents should evacuate the building as though there is a fire and congregate away from the front door. If you have inadvertently set off the fire alarm you should call the number posted on the notice board. If you do not have a number on the notice board you should contact your block rep now. 

WHAt is covered in our buildings insurance and what are we responsible to insure ourselves? 

The building insurance covers work to the structure of the building and communal areas. It does not cover anything inside your apartments, windows, doors. Your own insurance should cover any internal damage including to boilers, windows, vents, plumbing? 

The insurance excess is £1000. This is set deliberately high in an attempt to keep premiums down. We have reduced premiums from £115,000 a year to just over £55,000 a year recently through this approach and hard bargaining. Insurance premiums are the single largest expenditure and has a direct bearing on factors fees.

Do the original storage heaters have asbestos in them?

There is no evidence to suggest that they do. They can be disposed of through normal means. 

What can be recycled in the blue bins and do we recycle glass?

You can recycle the following items within your blue bin:

  • Mixed papers - newspapers, magazines, journals, junk mail, brochures, catalogues, directories, yellow pages, envelopes

  • Cardboard - cardboard boxes, card packaging

  • Plastic bottles - milk bottles, drinks bottles, sauce bottles, shampoo bottles, cleaning product bottles

  • Food and drink cans - steel cans, aluminium cans, food tins, empty aerosol cans

Placing items, other than those noted above, into the blue bin will adversely affect the quality of the material that we send to our re-processing partners which can result in material not being recycled. The quality of items collected is as important as the quantity of items collected.

Glass Recycling is here and can be found in the back car parking area.

If I want an extra line in for Sky+ who should I speak to?

Our approval supplier is Stan from SK Aerials. Naturally this is at your own cost to install sky but SK Aerials know the infrastructure throughout Speirs Wharf, call him and he can sort out upgrades and any additional equipment.  Stan is available on 0141 558 1616.

We are being bothered by noise from neighbours - what can we do? 

Some people do not realise they are causing a problem to their neighbours and therefore the first step may be to approach your neighbour politely and explain the problem. In most cases good neighbours will be glad to reduce the noise. However some neighbours may react angrily and an approach to them might not be successful. Landlords or housing associations may be able to assist through the Conditions of Tenancy.

Most, but not all, areas of Scotland have mediation services. The Scottish Mediation Network will be able to advise you whether there is a service local to you. Phone: 0131 556 1221 or email: www.scottishmediation.org.uk

If the problem is serious or persists you should contact Glasgow City Council Land and Environmental Services (LES) for advice. The Council has a statutory duty to investigate noise complaints and will be able to take formal action where appropriate. The Council Environmental Health Officers should be able to assist you by taking action or giving advice.

 During Office Hours (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) Telephone 0141 287 6688 or email public.health@eps.glasgow.gov.uk

 LES also have an Out of Office Hours Unit that you can contact. 0141 287 6688 or email oohu@eps.glasgow.gov.uk

Problems with your water supply?  

Try the link below first in case it is a regional issue, this will keep you up to date. https://twitter.com/scottish_water