Speirs Wharf Proprietors Association Constitution.

This document lays out the objectives and membership of the association. Outlines the committee structure and roles.



The SWPAC work with our insurance broker Bruce Stevenson
to get the best deal for a global buildings insurance policy. For the period of 2018 - 2019 we are on MS Amlin’s Real Estate Policy.

We are covered for our buildings, Loss of Rent, Legal Expenses, Public Liability and Employers Liability. All owners and residents are welcome to view the policy, downloadable above. Please note that this is not contents insurance and individuals should seek a policy of their own for their individual contents.

Upon submitting a case for a potential claim, the committee review the claim with the insurance broker, company and claimer. We have selected an excess that we feel gives us best value for money so in some instances we may decide to settle and issue ourselves rathe than proceed with a claim.


The SWPAC understand that there may be instances where proprietors, or other stakeholders, at Speirs Wharf might wish to access recorded footage.  In particular, incidents concerning health, safety or security issues are expected to be requested.  The SWPAC has a nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO).  No access or release of CCTV footage is permitted without authorisation from the DPO.  Footage will not be released to any proprietor or stakeholder.

Where there is a concern regarding health, safety or security, a stakeholder may request that the SWPAC confirms whether or not relevant footage exists; on confirmation that such a recording exists, the stakeholder may request that appropriate footage is saved.  Such footage will be retained by the SWPAC for a period of 30 days from the time at which this information is saved.

Under no circumstances will this data be released to a proprietor or other stakeholder.  It is the responsibility of the stakeholder concerned to ensure that the data is requested by the Police or other appropriate legal authority, via relevant and applicable legal channels, before the deletion date.

agm & committee minutes

Click the button above to access committee meeting minutes and AGM minutes. Posting of the committee meeting minutes will date from the 2019 AGM.

Please note this page is password protected and is for proprietors and residents only. Please contact us via the contact page with the relevant details to gain access to the password.

Or why not join us at a committee meeting? The next meeting date can be found on the UPDATES page of this website.


Need a new fob? Click the button above and fill out the request sheet.

Each flat can have multiple fobs to allow access to the block but only 2 fobs per flat are allowed to be activated for the Leisure Centre.

Since 2017 there was and overhaul of the fob system where by each owner was allocated 2 fobs with both block and leisure centre access. There is a now a charge of £20 per fob additional / replacement.